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Max and other dogs are available to book for work, this includes:

  • Public meet and greet appearances - to bring interest to a brand and stand out from the crowd.

  • TV or Film work - Max has a range of skills and can at request be trained for something specific.

  • Modelling - he will work in any environment and wear/hold items or objects on request.

  • Experience days or weekends - he is trained to search and bark on command. He will work around loud noises and smoke and in any vehicle or boat - even been in a tank!

  • Registered Pets As Therapy Dog and therefore is suitable for children parties etc.

Nothing fazes this dog and he is very trainable so can always be trained prior to an event to perform a certain task that is asked of him.

Max is good with children and all other animals, he swims and will work in any weather and on any floor surface.

He is also a great model and will pose lying down, sat or stood up. He will wear pretty much anything too:

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