Modern Icon:

Collar Sizes:

XXS             7"/11" or 18cm/28cm

XS.              10"/14" or 25cm/35cm

Small.          13"/17" or 33cm/43cm

Medium       16"/20" or 41cm/51cm

Large            19"/23" or 48cm/58cm 

X-Large         22"/26" or 56cm/66cm

Where to measure for your collar:

 modern icon neck measurement diagram

Patrol Harness Sizes:

Medium: Chest 24"/31" or 61cm/79cm

Large: Chest 30"/35" or 76cm/89cm

Where to measure Chest measurement:



Tracking Harness Sizes:


Front Chest: 24"/31" or 61cm/79cm  

Rear Chest 22"/26" or 56cm/66cm


Front Chest: 30"/35" or 76cm/89cm

Rear Chest: 25"/30" or 64cm/76cm

Where to measure Front and Rear Chest measurments: 

Modern Icon Tracking Harness measurement picture


Collar Sizes:

Small     14"/16" or 35cm/40cm

Medium  16"/18" or 40cm/46cm

Large       17"/21" or 43cm/53cm

X-Large    19"/25" or 48cm/64cm

Small and Medium are recommended for dogs weighing up to 23KG

Large and X-Large are recommended for dogs weighing up to 50KG



Leather Collection:

Collar Sizes:

XS          10"/14" or 25cm/35cm

Small      13"/17" or 33cm/43cm

Medium  16"/20" or 41cm/51cm

Large       19"/23" or 48cm/58cm

X-Large    22"/26" or 56cm/66cm


Ruff and Tumble:

Coats Sizes:

Sizes are adjustable via a towelling ‘belly flap’, simply adjusted with Velcro straps. To determine the right size for your dog, you need to know the length of your dog’s “Topline”. (The Topline is measured from the base of the neck to the base of the tail)

We recommend that If your dogs measurement does not match ours, pick the one that is slightly larger. 

XS:           11"/14" or 28cm/36cm    5kg/8kg        

Small:      14"/17" or 26cm/44cm     7kg/11kg 

Medium:  17"/20" or 44cm/51cm     11kg/16kg

M/L:          20"/23" or 51cm/59cm     16kg/23kg

Large:       23"/26" or 59cm/66cm     23kg/29kg

XL:           25"/28" or 64cm/71cm      29kg/40kg

GSD:        28"/32" or 71cm/81cm      30kg/50kg

How to measure your dog for a coat: 


All weights shown are guidelines only. There are always exceptions to the rule.



One Size fits all / cut to size. 



Unisex T-Shirt size chart:

These T-shirts are slightly oversized - they will feel more roomy than normal when first worn but after a few washes and tumbles they will become your favourite T-Shirt and not disappearing half way up you back. 

Size:                      To Fit Chest:

XS                           34"/37"

Small                      38"/41"

Medium                 42"/45"

Large                       46"/49"                   

X-Large                    50"/53"


Mens T-shirt size chart:

Size:                      To Fit Chest:

XS                           31"/34"

Small                      34"/37"

Medium                 38"/41"

Large                       42"/45"                   

X-Large                    46"/49"


Ladies T- Shirt Size Chart:

Size:                To Fit Chest:         UK Dress Size:

Small               30"/32"                 6/8

Medium           32"/34"                 10/12

Large               34"/36"                 14/16

X-Large           36"/38"                  18/20