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Washing Machine Bag

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The Washing Machine Bag is a great way to keep the washing machine free from dog hairs and prevent transfer of hairs onto anything washed in the machine. 

Designed to prevent damage to the washing machine by allowing the garments inside to throughly wash while trapping the hair in the bottom of the bag to be disposed of in the bin rather than getting trapped inside the drum.

Use the washing machine in exactly the same way you always would by place items to be washed of the dogs (or any pet) into the bag and zip it up then pop into the machine as normal.

Suitable for bedding, fleeces, towels, rugs, collars, harnesses and even toys.

Also suitable to use in the Tumble Dryer if the item being washed allows. 

Large  -  58cm x 75cm - Green

Jumbo - 75cm x 80cm - Black

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