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DOG StreamZ

Prevention is better than cure. Thats why the DOG StreamZ collars are ideal for any dog of any age to keep them on the go. StreamZ collar contains a patented 360° layer of StreamZ smart-material containing five separate multi-directional low-frequency polarity fields. Unlike traditional magnets, StreamZ products do not work by the magnetic fields penetrating directly into the body. Instead they create a unique spiralling motion by streaming the fields of polarity horizontally through the smart-material. This continuous spiralling motion is referred to as a ‘Cyclotron Effect’ and leads to a significant increase in the impact of the magnetic fields on the body. StreamZ does not increase the heat within the localised area and as such can be left on the dog continuously. Help your dog to help itself. 

  • DOG StreamZ - Magnetic Collar
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    StreamZ smart bands introduce a new technique in how magnetism is used to support dogs – ‘360º resonance technology‘. DOG StreamZ siliconised magnetic collars are not “magnetic pulse therapy”, instead their unique technology creates a gentle spin! 

    StreamZ ‘spinning magnetic process’ creates no increase in temperature around the dogs neck, an issue with many traditional magnetic collars. This non invasive approach allows the silicone band to be worn for long periods of time (24/7 if required) and immediately after exercise, improving the impact of the technology and providing continuous support for your dog. 

    Traditional magnets have been used in magnetic dog products for many years to treat a variety of symptoms, mainly dog arthritis. StreamZ revolutionary approach to magnetism introduces a unique silicone material which itself becomes magnetised within our manufacturing process. Magnetism, but with a difference. 


    DOG StreamZ revolutionary 360º magnetic dog collars were developed based on a scientific understanding of how each-and-every cell within a dog naturally interacts with magnetic fields. StreamZ non invasive approach in applying magnetism provides a natural response to a variety of health symptoms found within the canine community, ideal for a supporting a variety of benefits.

    Each pack contains one silicone band; comfortably wrapped around the neck of the dog and worn for a minimum of 8 hours per day. Available in multiple colours and fully adjustable to provide a comfortable fit for all breeds. 

    Each DOG StreamZ magnetic smart band contains a continuous strip of StreamZ material, creating a series of unique low-frequency energy fields around the dogs neck. The StreamZ bands are endorsed by a variety of leading canine professionals, World Champion agility dogs, rescue charities and talent show winners! 

    Here at Kit4dogs we marvel at the brilliance of helping conditions such as but not limited too arthritis, but we also believe in the old saying "prevention is better than cure." so all our young healthy dogs wear one to to help promote good circulation and prevent injury. 

    Available in three different colours Black, Orange and Purple 

    One size fits all and can be trimmed to fit. 

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